May 19 2015

Crawley Weekend

Upon arriving in Crawley JABBA set about getting himself some new footwear for the weekend as he recently broke his big toe and it was too painful to wear his normal shoes. Sandals purchased it was onto the K2 Arena for the weekends action.


European Darts Open – European Tour Event Six UK Qualifier
K2 Centre, Crawley, Friday May 15

First Round

Jamie Caven (1) Bye

Second Round 
Jamie Caven (1) 6-3 Alan Tabern

Third Round 
Mark Walsh 6-1 Jamie Caven


Players Championship Nine
Saturday May 16, K2 Centre, Crawley
First Round

Lee Palfreyman 6-5 Jamie Caven (17)


Players Championship Ten
Sunday May 17, K2 Centre, Crawley
First Round

Jamie Caven (16) 6-3 Michael Barnard

Second Round

Jamie Caven 6-4 Connie Finnan
Third Round

Benito van de Pas 6-2 Jamie Caven


Despite struggling with confidence this weekend, and changing his stance & playing through the pain barrier all weekend, Jamie still managed to kick on and pick up some much needed money on the ranking lists in order to qualify for this years TV Majors.


As always massive thanks to all of Jamie’s sponsors; Unicorn Darts, Tag Tots Rugby, CP Cases (Scotland) & Certis Insurance.