Feb 21 2015

Final Three 2015 UK Open Qualifiers

UK Open qualifiers again in Wigan, and each of the three £50,000 PDC ProTour event features over 200 players, with PDC Tour Card Holders joined by PDPA Associate Members as the second day of the weekend’s treble-header.

Another three day ‘weekend’ of darts for Jabba, as he continues with the second half of the UK Open Qualifiers.  After the first three days, and £500 earned, Jamie is probably ‘safe’ qualified for the TV finals, but he will want some better luck and results to see him try and make the top 32 in the order of merit, as those players skip the first two dangerous rounds in Minehead.

As a top 32 seed Jabba gets a bye in round 1 each day.

Coral UK Open Qualifier Four
Friday February 20, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Round 1:  Jamie Caven Bye
Round 2:  Jamie Caven 6-0 James Hubbard
Round 3:  Jamie Caven 6-1 Mark Dudbridge
Round 4:  Jamie Caven 6-2 James Richardson
Round 5:  Jamie Caven 6-1 Steve Hine
1/4 final:  Jelle Klaasen 6-2 Jamie Caven

A great day for Jabba, as he has a strong run to the quarter finals, adding £1,500 to his qualifying pot, and that £2,000 puts him in a much stronger position, in joint 20th, and within that top 32.

Coral UK Open Qualifier Five
Saturday February 21, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Round 1:  Jamie Caven Bye
Round 2:  Christian Kist 6-5 Jamie Caven

Coral UK Open Qualifier Six
Saturday February 22, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Round 1:  Jamie Caven Bye
Round 2:  Jamie Caven 6-4 Curtis Hammond
Round 3:  Jamie Caven 6-4 Wayne Jones
Round 4:  Jamie Caven 6-4 Terry Temple
Round 5:  Jamie Caven 6-4 Steve Beaton
1/4 final:   Adrian Lewis 6-3 Jamie Caven

A great way to end the qualifiers, winning £1,500, and ending up on £3,500, which makes Jabba 19th seed, well within that magical top 32, meaning he avoids the first two rounds.