Mar 05 2016

Jabba at the 2016 UK Open

Jabba joined the other 95 qualifiers for the Minehead 2016 UK Open, after qualifying over the six floor tournament events in Wigan.   Jamie joins the action in round 2, with a bye in round 1 due to his qualifying position.

Round 2:  Jamie Caven 6-2 Gary Stone

Round 3:  Jamie Caven 9-7 Lee Evans

Round 4:  Stephen Bunting 9-6 Jamie Caven

Huge thanks for all the support this weekend, to those I saw in the crowd Deby Rogerson, Dave Cooper, John Reuben, Robert & Duncan McColl, Nathan Richards, Keelan Belcher & Nora Conway, sorry to those I may have missed.
Gutted I lost but Im pleased with how the weekend has gone, realised sometimes back to basics is good, the words of a wise woman (well the wife)  Thanks to Ant Brown putting me through the mill Wednesday night, certainly helped mate.
Thanks to all my sponsors, supporters and family.

Jabba at 2016 UK Open rnd 2

Jabba at 2016 UK Open rnd 2 (Pic lawrence Lustig/PDC)