Jun 07 2015

PDC Euro Tour; Dutch Darts Masters

Jabba continues his darts travels this weekend, as the Dutch Darts Masters kicked off on Friday with the first round of the PDC European Tour event being split across two sessions in Venray.  The £115,000 tournament is being held from June 5-7 at the Evenementenhal in Venray, as 48 players bid to take the title.

Jamie being one of the seeds misses out the first round on Friday, joining the action on Saturday afternoon.

Some 4,500 fans packed into the venue to watch the players – while it’s not on TV, it’s still a HUGE venue stuffed full of loud darts fans!

Round 1:  Bye
Round 2:  Jamie Caven 6-0 John Henderson
Round 3:   Jamie Caven 6-5 Dave Pallett
1/4 Final:  Jamie Caven 6-2 Kim Huybrechts
Semi Final:
 Jamie Caven 4-6 Justin Pipe

A good run today for Jabba – but too many missed doubles early on in the semi-final means he misses out on a European final.  £5,000 won on the rankings.

dutch darts masters