Oct 04 2014

Player Championships in Dublin

It’s the weekend before the World Grand Prix, and Jabba has joined the other 127 elite pro tour players in Dublin to take part in the two ‘warm up’ Pro Tour events.

All those players taking part in the televised Grand Prix *including Jamie*  next week will be looking to fine tune their game in the weekend’s games, hopefully building some confidence or final testing of any changes to set-up or throw.

Players Championship 15
Saturday October 4, Citywest Hotel, Dublin

Round 1:  Jamie Caven 6-1 Ryan Palmer
Round 2:  Jamie Caven 6-5 Daryl Gurney
Round 3:  Jamie Caven 5-6 Dave Chisnall

Players Championship 16
Sunday October 5,  Citywest Hotel, Dublin

Round 1:  Jamie Caven 6-2 Robert Owen
Round 2:  Jamie Caven 6-2 Paul Amos
Round 3:  Jamie Caven 6-4 Aden Kirk
Round 4:  Jamie Caven 3-6 Gary Anderson

A decent weekend for Jabba, with a few quid won towards the rankings.